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The Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade is organized by the Veterans Action Group, a non-profit corporation. The Parade has no official or supportive affiliation with VSO or fraternal organizations.


Fee Schedule:


Active duty…… Free
All Academic School Bands & ROTC…. Free
Sponsors…. Parade Entry is included with your paid sponsorship
Scouting Organizations….. $37.50
Veterans…. $75.00
A 501(c) (3) Service/Fraternal/Individual…… $75.00
Commercial Business / Ad Agency….. $300.00 (per vehicle)


All entries must be paid in CASH.


NOTICE TO ENTRANTS: no items are to be thrown or distributed from parade participants to the audience in accordance with the municipal code.


Entrants may not Campaign for any political office.

2021 Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade Registration
The parade rules and regulations are listed below

2019 Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade Rules and Regulations


The parade committee and all other entities involved in facilitating the Veterans Day Parade (“Parade”) will operate WITHOUT insurance coverage for individuals who participate in, or attend, the Parade. By signing this agreement, the undersigned agrees to release the Las Vegas Veterans Day Committee, The Veterans Action group, the City of Las Vegas and their volunteers and agents, from any responsibility for personal injury of any kind which may occur during the Parade activities. The undersigned also agrees to waive any and all right the undersigned, or the organization they represent, may have against Las Vegas Veterans Day Committee, The Veterans Action group, and the City of Las Vegas or their legal representatives.
The undersigned, hereby accepts responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury to any person or property which may occur in connection with their Parade participation/attendance, and hold harmless Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade Committee, The Veterans Action group, The City of Las Vegas, and all other parties involved in facilitating Parade activities (including their employees, volunteers and agents). The undersigned also understands that Las Vegas Veterans Day Committee, The Veterans Action Group, and the City of Las Vegas provides NO medical insurance coverage for Parade participation/attendance.
The undersigned agrees to provide permission for the undersigned and his/her group to be photographed while participating/attending the Parade. The undersigned agrees to the use of these photos for future marketing or publicity.
1. No political campaigning. Exceptions: Candidates for any office may display their name only. No signage, banners or clothing of a political campaign nature are allowed. Examples: no “Re-Elect”, “Vote For”, etc. Violation of these rules will result in denial of participation, removal from the parade and or denial of subsequent entry in future Parades. Exception: Current political officers may display their name and office currently held.

2. As per City of Las Vegas ordinance, parade participants may not throw or hand out anything along the parade route (candy, literature, handbills, etc.), or in any staging area under the control of the Parade. Participants SHALL NOT accost or harass parade spectators. Failure to cease such activities when advised by Parade Staff, or failure to abide by these rules may result in removal from the Parade and or denial of subsequent entry in future Parades.

3. Static performances are allowed ONLY in front of the viewing stand (4th Street and Ogden). Adherence with this rule will be strictly enforced.

4. Motor Vehicle Insurance is a requirement to drive a vehicle in the Parade. All motor vehicles must carry proof of insurance. All rules of the road must be followed. Windows, mirrors and lights must be visible on vehicles as all times.

5. The use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs is prohibited at the Parade. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden in public areas, on any float, in any vehicle, or on the person of any participant. Participants suspected to have consumed alcohol prior to parade start will not be permitted to participate in the Parade, and any person consuming alcohol during the parade will be removed from Parade participation.

6. No livestock unit will be accepted without a dedicated clean-up unit, consisting of at least one attendant. The Parade Committee reserves the right to bar from the parade any animal or rider deemed unsafe to other riders or spectators. All ridden animals must be in the control of the rider at all times.

7. The Parade Committee has full and final discretion on a person or group’s entrance into the Parade, including the discretion to admit a person or group based on their content, signage, attire, and/or behavior. The Parade Committee also reserves the right to eject an entrant from the parade for failing to adhere to Parade rules. The Parade Committee will NOT accept, allow or permit into the Parade any group or organization whose primary or underlying theme is adverse to the purpose of the Parade.

8. The Parade Committee reserves the right to bar and/or remove groups that: a.) misrepresent information on their entry or registration forms, or b.) alter information on their entry form in a way that is significantly different from the registration application that was approved by the Parade Committee.

9. Entries must be approved by the Parade Committee before entering the line of march. The Parade Committee and the parade marshals reserve the right to remove from the parade, either prior to assembly, at assembly, or any time during the Parade, any entry that has not been approved by the Parade Committee.

10. Entries may display a wide variety of design, but should remember that the purpose of the parade is to celebrate and honor the military, and promote American national pride. The Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant group that is felt to not represent the best interests or consideration of the Veterans of Southern Nevada.

11. Floats must meet ALL safety requirements of the Parade and be inspected by Parade Staff prior to the Parade. Persons appearing on the float shall wear appropriate and suitable costumes or clothing in keeping with the theme of the entry or as weather allows. Float drivers, if visible, will also be required to dress appropriately.
* * *
The above-signed acknowledges that they have read, understand, and accept the Parade rules and regulations. The above-signed also agrees to accept as final the decisions of the Parade Committee and Judges made for or against the above-signed, the above-signed’s organization, and any persons associated with the above-signed’s organization that participates in the Parade.
The above-signed acknowledges that they have read the Parade registration application, and on behalf of above-signed, the above-signed’s organization, and all Parade participants associ’s ated with the above-signedorganization, agree to all terms and conditions contained therein.